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  1. Complete the Expression of Interest.
  2. Upon receipt of the completed Form, the Franchisor or their representative will contact you and review your Expression of Interest to establish whether you meet the criteria necessary to qualify as a Franchisee.
  3. The Franchisor or their representative will contact you to discuss your application and to provide you with an informal, yet comprehensive introduction into Oz Funland and the business opportunity. This discussion may be treated as a “get to know you” session where both parties may form further opinions as to the overall suitability of the application.
  4. At this stage we will ask you to complete an online profiler which will help us to ensure you are making the right decision and that you will be a good fit for the franchisor’s business.
  5. If you are a suitable match and wish to proceed, you will be provided with a Franchisee Financial Model so that you and your advisors can assess the commercial viability of the business.
  6. If the discussions are positive, Oz Funland will invite you to spend some time at the Campbelltown location to gain a greater understanding of how the business operates.
  7. If you wish to proceed Oz Funland will provide you with the Disclosure Document, draft Franchisee Agreement, Prospective Franchisee Statement and a copy of the Franchising Code of Conduct together with an Acknowledgement of Receipt for you to sign, date and return to the Franchisor or his representative.
  8. Once all the documentation is signed, the work of finding the location, fitting it out and undergoing training can commence.
  9. The next stage is for you to make an informed decision. The Code of Conduct states that you cannot enter into an Agreement until at least fourteen (14) days have elapsed from receiving the documentation. This time will allow you to review the above documentation with your advisors, begin arranging finance and follow up any other questions you may have about the business.
  10. If you wish to proceed, the Franchisor will ask you to provide the necessary information to assess whether your application matches the profile of an ideal candidate and that you are a good fit for the business. At this stage the Franchisor or his representative will also follow up any references.
  11. A further meeting will be arranged to discuss the results of your due diligence, the results of your Financial Modelling and the information provided by the assessment profiling. Any issues arising from the documentation should be resolved by the end of this meeting.
  12. If all is satisfactory and both parties agree to the items on the Schedule of the Franchisee Agreement, the Franchisor will organise the drawing up and delivery of the Final Franchisee Agreement.
  13. The Franchisor will request from you a completed Instructions for Lawyer form containing the key details about you, necessary for the Franchisee Agreement to be completed, and instruct the Franchisor’s lawyer to prepare and send out the Franchisee Agreement in its final form to you, together with a Representations Certificate for your completion and signing prior to jointly signing the completed Franchise Agreement.
  14. Under the mandatory Code of Conduct, the completed Franchisee Agreement cannot be ratified until fourteen (14) clear days after you have received it.
  15. The final meeting will be the formal signing of the documentation by both parties, including the Representations Certificate, Franchisee Agreement and any other items such as a Licence to Occupy.
  16. At this point you will pay the Initial Fee, Training Fee, Initial Marketing Fee and any other payments as described in the Disclosure Document and set out in the Franchisee Agreement.
  17. There is a mandatory seven (7) day cooling off period from the date of signing the Franchisee Agreement. Any payments made to the Franchisor are fully refundable if you withdraw from the Franchisee Agreement during this seven (7) day cooling off period, with the exception of the amount specified in the Franchisee Agreement for reasonable costs incurred by the Franchisor.
  18. Training and commencement dates will then be agreed upon. The Franchisor will confirm and approve the location and finalise the opening timetable.
  19. The next step is to commence your induction training.
  20. Begin trading.

Please note it can take several weeks from your initial enquiry to get to the commencement stage. The time taken is critical to ensure that both parties are committed to the process and have both undertaken the necessary due diligence to ensure your decision to invest in the franchise is a sensible one.

For further information, please do not hesitate to call our Franchise experts directly:

Name:              Bill Lockett
Company:        Franchise Systems Group
Phone:             1300 658 311
Mobile:            0417 221 488
Email:              bill@franchisesystems.com.au

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To talk to our Franchise experts directly, contact:
Bill Lockett
Franchise Systems Group
Phone: 1300 658 311
Mobile: 0417 221 488/p>

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