Kids franchise for sale - Oz Funland
Here’s an exciting kids franchise for sale with affordable entry fees, good ROI, expert ongoing support and a lifestyle choice like few others.

Since it opened in July 2008, The Wizard of Oz Funland has become a landmark in Sydney’s Macarthur Region, a popular community hub and winner of several prestigious awards.

  • A unique, first-of-its-kind venue in Australia, an exciting children’s entertainment, party and education centre.
  • Recognises that children today demand more than just passive play, and that the children’s entertainment sector will soon have to reach beyond current boundaries to remain relevant for the future.
  • An interactive ‘live’ space that is changing the way children are entertained by engaging its young visitors with creative activity and giving them an unforgettable time of adventure, fun & discovery.

While children are walking down a magical Yellow Brick Road playing Putt Putt Golf, having fun in the playmaze, jumping castle, Oz Balladrome, doing craft or watching a show, parents can unwind at the Rainbow Cafe or browse lots of quirky Oz memorabilia on display.

Parties for kids with themed characters and Educational Excursions for schools are sought after specialities.

Moving forward under the OZ FUNLAND brand, we are looking to take our special kind of children’s entertainment venue across Australia & overseas with an exciting kids franchise for sale.

The number of families in Australia is projected to increase to between 8.9 and 9.0 million in 2036, representing growth of between 46% and 47% (Australian Bureau of Statistics).
The key benefits for prospective franchisees include:
• A proven model designed around early cash flow;
• 5 main streams of income with additional streams available;
• Modest investment
• Ongoing support from a team of professionals specialising in staff training, event management, financial planning, catering and marketing, to help you achieve your goals.

Strong community involvement lies at the core of Oz Funland. We are looking to associate with people who:
• share our passion to become an integral part of the community as benefactors, service providers and local business leaders;
• have a love for working with children and nurturing their creative growth;
• share our values and will go the extra mile to ensure a quality customer experience.

We seek expressions of interest from people who wish to join the growth of Oz Funland in Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong.


Location Benefits: Exclusive franchise territory
Agreement Terms: 5 year term followed by 5 year renewal option

Opportunities in NSW:

  • Wollongong
  • Kellyville (Hills District)
  • Parramatta (Sydney Inner Central West)
  • Liverpool (Sydney Lower West)
  • Frenchs Forest (Sydney Northern Beaches)
  • Sutherland (Sydney Southern Suburbs)
  • Penrith (Sydney Far West)
  • Central Coast

About this opportunity:
We are looking for community minded people who love working with children to establish Oz Funland centres across NSW. This is a fun business, with solid early cash flow. Be one of the first to own this new style of entertainment centre, where the children get involved and have lots of fun.


… with the experts behind you!

This may sound like an expensive franchise. But we have been able
to organise it so that much of the equipment is leased. The amount
of capital required in addition to the leased equipment would be
around $300,000.

Franchise Features

Industry Expertise

  • Proven and successful business system
  • Specialised training and induction
  • Operational support

Intellectual Property

  • Brand names and logos
  • Market recognition and goodwill
  • Business format franchise system
  • Advertising formats
  • Business systems and market knowledge

Franchisee Support

  • Field visits
  • Regular reviews
  • Training and assessment
  • Quality Products and Services

Group Marketing Activities

  • Branded Marketing
  • Local Area Marketing
  • Branded Website


  • Franchisee Operations Manual
  • Franchise Audit Programme
  • Marketing Programmes


The initial investment depends on the location that interests you. The potential return will also depend on whether you can fund the business yourself or whether you will need finance.

A complete breakdown of costs will be made available at a later stage of the enquiry process.

The most important variable in the level of success you will achieve is in fact you! Franchisees are people and no two people are the same.  We can provide you with our proven system, brand names, the business tools and necessary support but your reward is ultimately determined by your diligence and your commitment to your business.

As part of the recruitment process you will be provided with a template for a Financial Model which you should complete in conjunction with your professional adviser/s. We will give you information about the performance of existing businesses so that you have a guide for completing the Financial Model.

It is difficult to typecast a ‘model’ franchisee for our system; however, there are some important characteristics that you must have or are prepared to commit to developing.

You must have a genuine desire to succeed by adhering to the Franchisor’s system and be prepared to work long hours to get your business established.

The best system in the world will never optimise opportunities unless everyone recognises the ‘commonality’ that exists in objectives and contributes to the well-being of each other and the system as a whole therefore everyone benefits when the system is followed.

Finally, Self-Motivation is an important characteristic for anyone in business.  Setting realistic goals and then working to achieve them is critical.

Franchisee Benefits

Industry Expertise

  • Reduced risk of failure
  • Faster start up

Intellectual Property

  • Stature in community
  • Brand Recognition
  • Valuable business identity

Franchisee Support

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Access to quality advice
  • Franchisee and staff development
  • Repeat Business

Group Marketing Activities

  • Customer and business growth
  • Increased local awareness
  • Increased national awareness


  • Consistency of standards
  • Continual Improvement
  • Documented systems


Franchise Features

Franchising is about being in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Franchising is where the Franchisor licences the Franchisee the right to distribute and market a product or service, and use their business name and / or trademarks for a fixed period, in return for a fee and a share in the income generated.

Under the Oz Funland franchise system, the Franchisee has the opportunity to conduct a business using the Oz Funland name, system and products.

Why should I choose a franchise instead of starting my own business?

Starting a new business can be risky.  By purchasing a franchise, you can reduce the risk to some extent as you are buying a business with an established, successful business system and brand. In addition, you receive comprehensive initial training and ongoing support, advice and training.

Am I required to work in the business?

Yes. At Oz Funland, we believe that the most successful franchises are those which are run by the actual owner. We also believe that the best head-start you can give your business is to commit yourself to it so as you can fully understand every aspect of the operation. It is important that you want to pursue an active involvement in the franchise rather than obtain the franchise purely as an investment opportunity.

What happens at the end of the first franchise term?

Provided that you have complied with our policies and procedures during the initial term and notify us of your wish to renew within the required time, you will be able to renew your franchise for a further term.  You should be aware there are a number of requirements set out in the Franchise Agreement that need to be met before your franchise can be renewed and you will have to pay the legal costs of arranging the renewal.  You also have to sign a new Franchise Agreement which may contain new or altered conditions.  If you have proven to be a successful Franchisee, it is in our interests to you renew. Full details of how this works is included in the Disclosure Document.

When I open for business, will I be left on my own?

No. When you join Oz Funland we will guide you until you are comfortable with the way you operate your business. Whilst you are a part of the Oz Funland network support is just a phone call away.

Will I be able to sell my business in the future?

Yes, the franchise is yours to sell under certain conditions, to someone who meets with our approval just as you did, and then continues on with the franchise.  This is a very important issue which differentiates owning a franchised business from just holding down a job. The more profitable your business is the greater is its sale value.  When you leave a job, the value you have created stays with the company, as a Franchisee, it stays with you.

What is the Marketing Contribution?

There is an ongoing Marketing Contribution of 2.5% of sales turnover. The Franchisor organises marketing and advertising and you should also allocate funds from your turnover to carry out local promotional activity.

Why should I become an Oz Funland Franchisee?

Oz Funland has been successfully operating for many years and continues to grow at a healthy rate.  Brian Laul, the founder of Oz Funland has been operating in the industry for many years and his creative drive has given pleasure to thousands of kids. We would now like to share our success and knowledge with others through our franchising program.

What is a franchise?

According to the Franchising Code of Conduct, a business is deemed to be a franchise where:

There is a written, oral or implied agreement;

  • One party (the Franchisee) is granted the right to carry on a business of offering, supplying or distributing goods or services under a system or marketing plan, which is substantially determined, controlled or suggested by the other party (the franchisor);
  • The operation of the business will be substantially or materially associated with the franchisor’s trademark, advertising or commercial symbol; and
  • Before starting or continuing the business, the Franchisee must pay or agree to pay the franchisor an amount, whether an initial fee, ongoing royalty or other payment.
How do I go about becoming an Oz Funland Franchisee?

You have already started the journey.  The next thing you must do is complete the Expression of Interest Form on our website.  This information will assist us in assessing your suitability as an Oz Funland franchisee.  Should you meet our initial criteria, we will provide you with a detailed outline of the steps to be completed in order for you to become a Franchisee.

What do I receive for my Initial Fee?

The Initial Franchise Fee is your payment for the grant by us of the right to use the valuable intellectual property, which includes the brand name, operational systems, existing business relationships and the Oz Funland business opportunity.

For the Oz Funland Franchisee, you will receive a comprehensive Training Program on all aspects of your Oz Funland business, customer service techniques including order processing, and hands-on training in the management of the business day to day.

Whilst this training is happening, you will also receive an Initial Marketing Program designed to assist you to establish your Oz Funland Location.

What Locations are available?

We need to assess your suitability to join the Oz Funland franchise network, just as you need to do your own assessment of our suitability to you and your lifestyle. When we are both comfortable to progress, you will be given the opportunity to lock in a particular area providing it is still available. The lock in procedure may be discussed in more detail in the interview stages. Initially we are focussing on Sydney suburbs, but would also entertain applications for regional locations in New South Wales.

Will I have an opportunity to contribute to the franchise network?

Yes.  Our franchise system has been designed to provide all Franchisees with an opportunity to contribute.

Is there any ongoing Franchise Service Fees?

There is an ongoing Franchise Service Fee or Royalty of 7.5% of sales turnover.

  • Use of our Oz Funland Branding
  • Training and monitoring
  • Manual updates
  • Access to the Oz Funland range of services, shows and party themes
  • Assistance in making your business more effective and profitable
  • The benefit of group purchasing power
  • Ongoing advice and support
Would an Oz Funland Franchise suit me and what qualifications do I need?

You don’t need any formal qualifications; you will be trained in all aspects of the business. An Oz Funland Franchise would best suit people who like meeting people, developing repeat business customers, looking after staff and most importantly creating a wonderful fun atmosphere for the kids.

Will I have an exclusive Location?

Your chosen location will be based on the potential target market of children in the appropriate age groups. It will be an exclusive marketing territory and the franchisor will not open a competing outlet or franchise another outlet within that territory.


  1. Complete the Expression of Interest.
  2. Upon receipt of the completed Form, the Franchisor or their representative will contact you and review your Expression of Interest to establish whether you meet the criteria necessary to qualify as a Franchisee.
  3. The Franchisor or their representative will contact you to discuss your application and to provide you with an informal, yet comprehensive introduction into Oz Funland and the business opportunity. This discussion may be treated as a “get to know you” session where both parties may form further opinions as to the overall suitability of the application.
  4. At this stage we will ask you to complete an online profiler which will help us to ensure you are making the right decision and that you will be a good fit for the franchisor’s business.
  5. If you are a suitable match and wish to proceed, you will be provided with a Franchisee Financial Model so that you and your advisors can assess the commercial viability of the business.
  6. If the discussions are positive, Oz Funland will invite you to spend some time at the Campbelltown location to gain a greater understanding of how the business operates.
  7. If you wish to proceed Oz Funland will provide you with the Disclosure Document, draft Franchisee Agreement, Prospective Franchisee Statement and a copy of the Franchising Code of Conduct together with an Acknowledgement of Receipt for you to sign, date and return to the Franchisor or his representative.
  8. Once all the documentation is signed, the work of finding the location, fitting it out and undergoing training can commence.
  9. The next stage is for you to make an informed decision. The Code of Conduct states that you cannot enter into an Agreement until at least fourteen (14) days have elapsed from receiving the documentation. This time will allow you to review the above documentation with your advisors, begin arranging finance and follow up any other questions you may have about the business.
  10. If you wish to proceed, the Franchisor will ask you to provide the necessary information to assess whether your application matches the profile of an ideal candidate and that you are a good fit for the business. At this stage the Franchisor or his representative will also follow up any references.
  11. A further meeting will be arranged to discuss the results of your due diligence, the results of your Financial Modelling and the information provided by the assessment profiling. Any issues arising from the documentation should be resolved by the end of this meeting.
  12. If all is satisfactory and both parties agree to the items on the Schedule of the Franchisee Agreement, the Franchisor will organise the drawing up and delivery of the Final Franchisee Agreement.
  13. The Franchisor will request from you a completed Instructions for Lawyer form containing the key details about you, necessary for the Franchisee Agreement to be completed, and instruct the Franchisor’s lawyer to prepare and send out the Franchisee Agreement in its final form to you, together with a Representations Certificate for your completion and signing prior to jointly signing the completed Franchise Agreement.
  14. Under the mandatory Code of Conduct, the completed Franchisee Agreement cannot be ratified until fourteen (14) clear days after you have received it.
  15. The final meeting will be the formal signing of the documentation by both parties, including the Representations Certificate, Franchisee Agreement and any other items such as a Licence to Occupy.
  16. At this point you will pay the Initial Fee, Training Fee, Initial Marketing Fee and any other payments as described in the Disclosure Document and set out in the Franchisee Agreement.
  17. There is a mandatory seven (7) day cooling off period from the date of signing the Franchisee Agreement. Any payments made to the Franchisor are fully refundable if you withdraw from the Franchisee Agreement during this seven (7) day cooling off period, with the exception of the amount specified in the Franchisee Agreement for reasonable costs incurred by the Franchisor.
  18. Training and commencement dates will then be agreed upon. The Franchisor will confirm and approve the location and finalise the opening timetable.
  19. The next step is to commence your induction training.
  20. Begin trading.

Please note it can take several weeks from your initial enquiry to get to the commencement stage. The time taken is critical to ensure that both parties are committed to the process and have both undertaken the necessary due diligence to ensure your decision to invest in the franchise is a sensible one.

For further information, please do not hesitate to call our Franchise experts directly:

Name:              Bill Lockett
Company:        Franchise Systems Group
Phone:             1300 658 311
Mobile:            0417 221 488

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To talk to our Franchise experts directly, contact:
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