The Wizard of Oz Funland Birthday Party Terms and Conditions

  1. To confirm a party booking you must pay a non-refundable $100 deposit, at which point the party room selected will be reserved for you at your requested date and time and invitations will be issued to you.
  2. Bookings can be made over the phone with a credit card payment, or in person. We also accept cash deposits.
  3. You can use the party booking form online or fill out a form in person at our reception. The form must be completed and submitted as part of your booking.
  4. You must confirm final numbers (children and adults) with us by the Wednesday prior to your party at which time the balance due must be paid in full.
  5. Names of children attending your party must be given to reception before the party commences.
  6. Though we reserve a party room with adequate seating for children, we do not reserve seating for parents in the Rainbow Café unless Adult Platters are ordered and an indication of approximate numbers given.
  7. It is a condition of entry that no outside food or drink is brought into the Funland except for birthday cakes or baby food that have been approved by reception.
  8. Your guests should be advised to be at the Funland 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your party. For example, if your party is for 30am, you should advise your guests to arrive by 11am. Parents should arrive early to greet their guests.
  9. Babies under 12months of age not using facilities enter the Funland free of charge. Any children not on the guest list will be charged general admission and not accommodated as part of the party.
  10. All children must wear socks for hygiene and safety reason. Socks can be purchased at reception.
  11. We only supply cake bowls and spoons with Birthday Cakes ordered from us. Bowls and spoons can be purchased at reception if you do not wish to bring your own.
  12. As there may be bookings that run after your party, it is important that we run things on schedule and on time. Your party room will be available to you for a total of one hour or half hour on show days unless otherwise specified, commencing as per your party booking starting time.
  13. Parents are reminded that we require all parents to supervise their children at all times whilst in the Funland.
  14. All other Terms & Conditions of Entry to The Wizard of Oz Funland apply.

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